Toddler Class (2 & 3 year olds)

Math: We will be working with numbers 1 through 10 through tracing with our fingers. Daily your child will be counting gradually from a number system that extends from 1 through 10. He/she will also be introduced to other math concepts such as shapes, colors, and numbers to build early foundations in math.

Reading: A letter will be introduced every week (in sequential order), which may extend into 4 weeks. Throughout the week, we will be learning the letter name and daily your child will be reciting letters of the alphabet in order to build letter identification. He/she will also be tracing upper case and lower case letters with his/her fingers.

Bible Time: Our Bible time is based on stories from the Bible. We want to expose children to know God and Jesus Christ and want to lead them into that very meaningful relationship.

Sensory/Fine Motor: Daily your child will be participating in activities that cater to the development of his/her sensorimotor skills. Activities involving the use of pouring water, digging in sand, playing with Playdough & Gak will serve to be an enjoyable means to support the development of fine motor skills.

Music and Art: Music and art instills interest and enthusiasm towards learning, we will be singing a new song every week based on the Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education curriculum. These songs are actual verses from the Bible in song. What better way for your child to learn the scriptures through song and hand motions.