Pre-K Class (4 & 5 year olds)

Math: We will be working with numbers 1 through 20 through writing and counting worksheets. Daily your child will be counting gradually from a number system that extends from 1 through 100. He/she will also learn to recognize shapes, colors, and numbers. In addition he/she will gain knowledge of other math concepts such as sequencing, size comparison, and patterns.

Reading: A letter will be introduced per week (in non-sequential order), which may extend into 2 weeks. Throughout the week, we will be learning the letter name and sound(s) in order to build reading readiness. Daily your child will be reciting letters of the alphabet to reinforce letter identification. He/she will also be writing letters in both upper case and lower case form.

Bible Time: Our Bible time is based on the Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education curriculum. It is designed for those who believe children can know God, and who want to lead them into that very meaningful relationship.

Science/ Social Studies: Based on the Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education curriculum, there is a different theme every week which we put into practical application. Themes vary from God’s creation to God-Made vs. Man-Made things, the Human Body, Mankind’s Basic Needs plus many, many more!

Music and Art: Because music and art instills interest and enthusiasm towards learning, we will be singing songs and creating a work of art(s) that tie into our Bible theme of the week. They will not only be exercising the power of creative expression through such activities but will also be taking this with them in memory and in heart for the week or even for the rest of their lives.